DCC Programme for increasement of computing in discord


Living in world in which computers take over your toaster leave a new opportunity of electronically-enhance your life. This page was intentionally created for giving a pseudo-counterpart to the "DCC Programme for a surplus of discord in computing". Nothing here is expected to be true, except in some sense.

The age of bureaucrazy has met its doom. It even invented some part of it and assimilated it. This is about data. The bureaucrazy has always seen computing as a new tool to enhance bureaucrazy and make it easier. This is wrong in some sense. They had thought of a nice medium to collect and process their data, but 2 plus 3 equals six and not 5, so it multiplied itself. Instead of a normal rise of data-masses, data exploded, multiplied an became uncontrollable. Even more and even worse than ever before. The complexity of a system is its components multiplied with each other...

Therefore, an easy thing to increase complexity and chaos in the world is to increase computing. This is the way the Discordian Cabal of Cable goes. Cables interconnect, and so do we. Through that, we multiply complexity.

This wants (and fails) to be a do-it-yourself advice for increasing computerization in this world. We wanted to present you some nice and easy-to-adapt ideas how to to this.

Five Pounds of Flax.