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important discordian programs and mirror of the emperor norton utilities
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The DCC presents you here the one Discordian Software Library which has the most Slack. This not only stems from our admiration of Bob(tm), but from the usage of Linux for our computing needs. Linux is the only operating system which has a Slackware Distribution. Not only is this archive optimized for your Pineal Gland, but for Slackware Linux also. Even more, this Server runs under Linux also.

These here are really running her right now: klock fnordku belief


Software generally considered Discordian

This is just this. The Calendars sometimes contradict themselves.

Discordian Calendars
* dcalendar.ps PostScript program which prints the Discordian calendar
* disdate.c
* ddate.c Druel's Discordian date program
* ddate.pl A Perl program for generating Discordian dates
* xddate.tcl Discordian date calculator for Tcl/Tk/wish
* ddate.tgz The enhanced Discordian date program, with format strings, etc.
* klock.tgz The discordian Klock. A CGI in Perl.
Discordian Games
* sink.sh Play the Discordian game with unwanted files
* metavirus This is a Metavirus
* discode.bas A Discode Program based on Visual Basic FNORD Untested since Visual Basic FNORD is such a greyfaced programming language.
* fnordku.tgz generates fnordkus as it is a CGI in Perl

The Emperor Norton Utilities

The Emperor Norton Utilities is a collection of programs of an Eristic, Slackful or just downright bizarre nature. These programs may be found anywhere; on a FTP site, on your shelf, perhaps even having spontaneously formed on an unformatted disk.

Some programs from the Emperor Norton Utilities may be found on this WWW site. These are the ones which I have managed to find, and for which there is disk space here.

The Primary site for these is http://yoyo.cc.monash.edu.au/~acb/norton/

Emperor Norton Utilities Textfilters
* beable.c A text filter for inserting beables
* b1ff.c A BIFF filter
* biff.x Matt Welsh's BIFF filter
* chef.x lex source for the Encheferiser.
* discord.c A text scrambler, a bit like M-x dissoc
* drawl.x English<->Texan translator
* fudd.x Elmer Fudd (I think)
* kibo.c Filter -- replaces randomly selected words with "Kibo"
* lame.c Another BIFF-like text filter
* mb.x Marc Barret translator
* mcelwaine.c UN-altered REPRODUCTION and DISSEMINATION.....
* newspeak.x Translates English into Newspeak.
* biffa.tgz A cockney filter
* jive-val.tgz Jive/Valspeak; two text filters
* ken.tgz Another cockney text filter
* kraut.tgz A pseudo-German text filter
* ogrify.tgz Some kind of filter.
* thursday.tgz signature formatter
Emperor Norton Utilities Textgenerators
* belief.tgz Program for generating religious beliefs
* belief-cgi.tgz Program for generating religious beliefs. As CGI in Perl
* kafka.tgz A utility/language for making text generators
* kibologize.tgz An Emacs LISP program for generating Kibological rants
* pb.tgz An early version of acb's Dada Engine
* rot-rlyeh.tgz Translate to/from R'lyehish. Communicate with Old Ones.
* spew.tgz Tabloid headline generator
* taxlaw.tgz Generate law and order.
Emperor Norton Utilities Displayhacks
* Xtacy-113.tgz Druel's X display hack, XTacy
* springfield.tgz The Springfield Effect, a programmable display hack
* xnuisance.tgz An X program which does weird stuff to the cursor
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