Table of Contemplance

where many things can be found, which are true, false, or meaningless
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Here is written what you can find on this site. Which is not much at this point.

You might be utterly confused about that discordianism-thing. In that case, read the
Principia Discordia
to make sure you get even more confused.

You might happen to want to know what the
Discordian Cabal of Cable
is all about.

Also here is a
Discordian Software Library

Our political demand
Free Cabling for Everyone

For those already enlightened we have our
DCC Programme for surplus discord in computing

For those not particularly interested in comtemputating, we have the
DCC Programme for increasement of computing in discord

Our dissociated sister-sects in discordianism have been busy all the way long in doing their own plots. You might get further enlightenment there. Maybe you're not particularly interested in cables, so you might find here other discordian sects which stress on other discordian activities, like pirating ships or the game 'sink'.


There are some other organisations and people on which have their private pages here. Check them out:

Prophet Sinad of the DCC
That's wrong. Joke. Not German.

Episkopos Jonathan Apfelkern of the DCC
That's irrelevant. No Information.

And last but not least the creator of these Pages:

Seegras Page

Since most people not familiar with discordianism or even reading will overlook this, I write it again:
Seegras Page

done by Kilopope Jonathan
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